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What is size of the Collar?  Can I get it in a different size?

The inside circumference of the cable is approximately 18.5".  One size fits most.  If you or your subject have a large neck, you can choose one of the larger sizes we have available.  Keep in mind that most people won't want the collar to be able to slide off over the head.

Why would I choose the Un-coated Stainless Steel Cable over the Coated Galvanized Cable?

The Stainless Steel Cable is my favorite because of the true industrial look and feel.  It looks simply stunning!  The drawback to wearing a raw cable, however, is that it will pull on any neck or head hairs that it comes into contact with.  For this reason, you may want to choose the Stainless Steel Cable to control unwanted neck hair, and to remind your subject that he/she is wearing your collar.  The Coated Cable of course doesn't come with these "features".

Why is it called a collar?

The collar can simply be worn decoratively as an industrial necklace or as a collar: a symbol of a relationship, possession, or submission in alternate lifestyle communities.

Does it come with a lock?

We don't include a lock, but we have a couple of styles available for you to purchase.  You can also find one that you really like from a local or online retailer.  The maximum shackle size is 3/16".

Can the Collar be worn in the shower?

YES!  The collars are designed to be able to get wet.  That's why we use stainless steel for the un-coated cable, and the coated cable is vinyl coated and sealed into the lug to keep water out of the cable.  You should worry more about getting your lock wet than getting your collar wet.  Brass and aluminum are good lock choices for corrosion resistance.

How do the collars lay? Cable doesn't lay on your neck the same way chain does due to the rigidity of it.  It may take a bit of getting used to, sleeping in it, since it isn't as flexible as most necklaces or chains.  If you work a job that you don't want it to show, you will need to wear a collared shirt to hide it.  Take a look at a few of the pictures in the User Gallery.

What is the thickness of the cable?

Both cables are 3/16" total thickness.  This is a bit thinner than a standard wood pencil.  The Stainless Steel cable is heavier because all of the 3/16" is pure cable, where the coated Galvanized Cable is a thinner piece of cable due to the added thickness of the vinyl coating.

Should I wear the Collar through airport security?

It contains a lot of metal and will most likely set off the detectors and require a secondary screening.  This shouldn't be a problem since it can be made visible outside your clothing.  You may be asked to remove it, so carry a key for your lock if you are able to.  Taking the collar off through security is the easiest, of course, but some people like the challenge.

What are the Lugs made of?

The lugs are tin plated solid copper lugs, and then dipped in automotive clear coat.  The lugs are custom sourced.

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